Antonella Pelizzari

Antonella is an expert on international politics and public policy who help our clients understand the nuances of the political environment in the markets in which they operate and advises them on multi-stakeholder strategies to advance their policy priorities.

She is a former advisor on International Relations and Presidential Diplomacy for the Secretary of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of Argentina (2015-2019). She has worked in the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Buenos Aires, the Mercosur-UE Agreement, the UN General Assemblies, as well as more than 140 high-level bilateral meetings with over 50 foreign governments. She was actively involved in developing the priorities of the G20 agenda, mostly around gender issues, on which she has a keen interest. Antonella’s previous professional experience includes working in International Organizations (ILO and ECLAC), as well as teaching, researching and coordinating academic programs.

She is a recipient of the “International Visitor Leadership Program” (US Department of State IVLP) and “Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program” (Policy Center for the New South) scholarships.

She completed the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program at Georgetown University (2019) and holds a MA in International Relations from Universidad del Salvador (2018) and a BA in International Relations, with honors, from Universidad del Salvador (2012).